Mountain Challenge XXI (2015) Scores

Pee Wee  Cub  Youth Traditional  Youth Compound
Ben Bresnahan304  Jacob Spicer517  Mathew Chald481  Nick LaPoint528 
Morgan Ryder294  Michael Bresnahan454    Garrett Willard497
Gracie Britt244  Ezra Horn354    Ethan Brothers395
Tucker Savage165  Lilly Ryder190    Zachary Sherman366
Tucker Grabo165      Sabrina Prievo343
      Wyatt Carroll331
Senior Female  Senior Male  FBO  MBO
Julia Hocmuth454  Charles Kelly563    Jerry Ward590
  Rick Roth557    Doug Fudge550
  John Vermette553    Ed Hewitt540
  Ron Bellefeuille519    Don Grabo524
  Pete Ostrander515    Wayne Miller520
  Randy White514    Zach Wooten514
  Wayne Watson504    Hunter Miller507
  Kane Chad479    Day Bullis505
  Mike Wilson478    Andy Phillips475
  Steve Buzzell348    Mike Rhubart471
  Eric Armstrong Sr286    Nate Carr461
      Matt Rothamel388
      Mike Bleau326
MBR  FBR  Female Traditional  Male Traditional
Bill Spicer561  Josee Sunday488  Cynthia Dumas457  Mike Savage446
Pete Sunday547  Becky Ryder376  Jill Butler397  Larry Butler443
Carl Jones542    Flo Barber331  Keith Barber419
John Flynn530    Nancy Rumney281  Darrell Savage400
Zach Wooten518    Jocelyn Skelling207  Scott LaLonde377
Paul Fitzgerald515      Martin Brown372
Jeremy Robbins484      Jerry Dumas371
Connor Fitzgerald435      Mike Vincent358
Travis Phillips425      Wayne Mayotte357
Eric Armstrong Jr295      Al Imlach351
      Larry Engel350
      Stan Giligan342
      Chris LaPoint320
      Fred Cockayne306
      Yves Faucher306
      Jordan Soucy292
      John Boyer365
      Yvon Soucy252
      Josh Soucy248
Female Hunter  Male Hunter 
Lisa Wilkinson549  Ray Bresnahan582  
Heidi Fasking530  Don Ruddy581  
Michelle Ward493  John Albertson580  
Colleen Krause471  Keith Kringle, Jr549  
Hannah Albertson432  Stuart Powers543  
Nikie Lawrence430  Dale Trojan540  
Nancy Sunday294  Kevin Sullivan538  
  Ryan Souve535  
  Jaramey Peets533  
  Herb Moore522  
  Jim Ryder519  
  Jeff Scranton517  
  Ken Horn508  
  Paul Hochmuth505  
  Brad Dutcher500  
  Quint Moore495  
  Kyle Trojan495  
  Don Fasking491  
  Rhit Wilcox489  
  Matt French478  
  David Theobald458  
  Steve Lamica456  
  Jon Brothers423  

The Tupper Lake Archers would like to thank everyone that came and supported the XXIst Mt. Challenge.
The Mt. Challenge is truly a challenge.

Once again thank you for your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends and family next year!

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